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Who is Frank HATEM?

Frank HATEM is a Doctor in Ontology (Montreal), President of the Francophone University of Metaphysics, author of the first scientific explanation of the origin of consciousness and numerous books on the mind, matter, energy, the space-time, psychology, including the two volumes of "Beyond the Quantum", which, for the first time in the history of humanity, explain the original cause and the nature of the CONSCIOUSNESS of being the place of nothingness, and why the world seems material to us while everything is spiritual. He created "Holistic Psychology".

He is one of the great world thinkers on the union between Science and Spirituality. ( and answers questions everyone asks about the universe and existence.

Frank Hatem presents the internship in Go

"Living has a meaning"

From Monday May 6th to Saturday, May 11th, 2019

The aim of the seminars is to allow everyone to get to the bottom of these questions and to leave with new answers that can change their life decisively in an extremely positive way. Everything is based on pure rationality in connection with the deepest meditations of the great spiritual masters.

To understand what is consciousness is to reconnect with yourself, find your purpose and awaken your reality. Unprecedented stage of deep understanding and work on oneself to evacuate all the obstacles of the mind until the integration of the laws of perpetual creation.

Registration for the internship

This internship is organized by the Afervie association. You will find on their website, the registration form and all the details you need to participate in the course.

Botanica B & B

151 Churchstreet (Triq Il-Knisja), Ix-Xagħra, XRA 1235 Gozo, Malta

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